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An UnBound Member 

The UnBound Difference means enjoying unlimited locations to work from that’s affordable and embraces an ambiance suited for your workday.

Also, it means missing the hassle of being displaced by overcrowded spots or big businesses that lease out locations you love.

Vetted Locations

We’ve established a vetting standard to make sure every time you step foot into a host venue, your experience is UnBound.

UnBound Community

Included Amenities

Amazing value at an amazing price.


Crazy Fast Internet

Nearby Parking

Nearby Transportation

Community Engagement

Professional & Social Events


Unique Spaces

Front Desk Service

Community Managers

Daily Cleaning

Unlimited Business Hours Access


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$129.99 /month

Billed $129.99 monthly

$119.99 / month

Billed $359.97 quarterly.

$99.99 / month

Billed $1,199.88 annually.

Day passes are available for $29.99

Interested in UnBound memberships for your employees? Email us at [email protected]


What if I need a private space?

If you need private space, just look on our app to see if that venue has private space available. If so, feel free to check it out for your next meeting.

What is the difference between UnBound and other coworking spaces?

The biggest difference is our approach. UnBound is all about community. Moreover, instead of spending loads of money on real estate to have big companies lease, we rather support the many beautiful local venues available.

What community things can I expect?

On top of getting some swag from us, feel free to participate in our community events. Plus, we have professional events, networking events, happy hours, and community highlights. All of this you’ll be able to see in our community app and forum.

Which cities is UnBound in?

UnBound is starting in Raleigh and Durham, N.C. But, with the way we are built, the community literally dictates where we head next.

What type of membership does UnBound offer?

It’s super simple. Feel free to join us for a day. Or if you’d like to join us for 1 month, 3 months, or annually you can do so. The longer you’re with us, the better the price. Hint Hint.

Is there a monthly time limit with my membership?

Nope. We’ve been to many coworking spaces and thought this was impractical. So, we got rid of it. Feel free to spend as many hours you’d like as long as it’s within the coworking hours of that venue. All membership plans include this.

What about electric outlets?

We’ve got you covered. The front desk associate is prepared to make sure you have all the power you need. Just ask.

What if I want to suggest a great venue?

Bring them on! It’s easy for local businesses to apply in becoming a host. We even compensate them, too! Just have them go through the becoming a host process. We’ll take care of the rest.


One day passes didn’t do any justice for us when we were looking for spaces to work from. So, enjoy some extra days.
Compliments of the community.